Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Non-Maternity Shopping Spree With A Surprise

James,Jr's first angel birthday was over.  I wasn't pregnant with a Rainbow Baby.  I had been through that first year of raw pain and deep grief, no other baby in sight, and I was growing older than my years with loneliness and yearning.  I had to do something different.  I decided to put away my maternity clothes and my "just in case" clothes.  I went on a shopping spree for summer clothes.  I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."  I tried on everything and bought everything I liked!  It was a break away from the gloom and grieving this 25 year old girl had been experiencing for a little over a year.  I was NOT forgetting my son, but I had to move on.  I walked down the main street of town ( no malls buit yet!) with my packages swinging!  James and I were going to South Carolina in June for his good friend's wedding where he would be a groomsman.  I wanted to be ready for a weekend of a new beginning,  a weekend without grief hovering over me.  On the way home from my shopping spree, I turned up the radio and sang along with the hit tunes.  I was trying to get some optimism in my life!  Then, without warning, a new Paul Anka song came on the radio.  I had never heard a song like this before.  It was called, "Having My Baby!"  It seems that P. Anka's wife was pregnant with their baby and he had written a song to show his love for her carrying his child.  I was horrified!  How old were they anyway?  Didn't they already have a mansion full of children?  Immediately I was back in the dumps again.  I couldn't give my husband a baby and this song was blaring over the radio!  This is on You Tube now.  I just listened to it again after 37 years and it still made me shutter.  How many knives were going to stick into my heart and twist before I could ever have some peace?
June 21, 1976 came.  We were in SC at the wedding.  There was plenty of partying going on!  We had a ball that weekend!  It was fun, exhilerating and feeling young and free!
July came.  I had to go away for a week to Meredith College to a Reading Workshop.  A group of us from our school where I taught went.  After class, I drove us to the big new Crabtree Mall in Raleigh.  While others shopped for clothes or school items, I shopped the book stores for any book I could get my hands on about getting pregnant.  I came home with many books.  The gals and I celebrated my 26th birthday while we were in Raleigh that week.  Here I was, 26 and no baby.
But something else began to occupy my mind that hot July.  I noticed that my period was late.  Once more, it kept right on being late!  Could it be?  I had been to the doctor's office for so many pregnancy test the past few months that I was embarrassed to go for another one.  There were no home pregnancy test to do.  So, I went to my sister's in Washington to have a test done!  When I got there, the nurse told me to pee into a jar.  I COULDN'T GO I WAS SO NERVOUS!  She said honey if you can just give me a drop or two I can do the test.  I couldn't!  My sister and I went to buy me a Coke to drink!  I drank it and back to the doctor's office we went.  Nothing like everybody waiting for you to pee!  I finally mustard a few drops!  Enough!  The test was done and I was PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everybody was crying for joy!  I had to get to a phone to call James!  He was over the roof with happiness!  I told him not to tell a soul until I got back home.  I drove the hour and a half drive back home on cloud 9!  There was a baby growing inside of me!  I was pregnant!!!!  What joy!  The tears of happiness were pouring!  I could hardly soak it all in.  My life was changing once more.  Guess what?  By the timeI got home James had told everybody he saw!!!  Can you blame him????  I was so happy that I immediately put up my shopping spree clothes and proudly put on my maternity clothes again!  I wasn't showing, but I was pregnant and that's all the reason I needed to wear them again!  Oh happy July!  Our baby was due March 19th, 1977!     



  1. Ohhh Gale, how happy you must've been!!! I'm so happy to read the words "I'm pregnant"!! Good for you!!!

  2. Thanks! I'll NEVER forget that day!:) You are so supportive!

  3. This post made me smile, I don't care that it was you thirty years ago, I'm so happy for that you.

  4. It made me smile too as I wrote it! I remember so well being too nervous to get a few drops out! It was funny and nerve - racking at the same time! :)