Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Challenges Of My Rainbow Pregnancy

With my pregnancy test finally positive, I set out as one happy pregnant woman!  One goal was on my mind, getting my baby here safely.   I asked my OB-GYN  so many questions that he probably was worn out for the next patient!  Every time I went for my check-up, he would assure me that my baby was growing.  I just marveled at those words!  Growing!  I ate and drank everything healthy I could get my hands on.  I also quit my teaching position.  I wanted to stay home and focus on my growing baby.  I read everything I could get my hands on about safe pregnancies.  I wanted positive vibs, so we immediately set up our nursery again.  I needed it to be that way.  I knew how quickly it could be taken away, but I was going to enjoy every second of going in there and dreaming.

Once, I was fixing a homemade pizza for supper one Friday night.  I opened a can of tomato sauce and something about it didn't smell right.  The dough had risen, I had mashed it out in the pizza pan. Hmmm...that sauce could be ruined.  James walked into the kitchen.  He said the sauce smelled fine to him.  I asked him to taste it.  Tasted fine.  I just couldn't take the chance.  I threw it all out.  No pizza at home for us.  Out to eat we went!

Christmas came and I was 7 months pregnant.  Everything was just fine!  I was showing big time and so proud of my baby belly!  We went to my parents house for Christmas the Sunday before Christmas Day.  Everyone was there and James was taking pictures of everyone!   Happiness was everywhere!  It was a madhouse with my parents' six children, their spouses, and their children!  Presents, bows, kids of all ages, and GREAT FOOD!  My mama was a fantastic cook!  I ate and ate!  Yummy food for my growing baby! 
All of a sudden, I felt really bad.  My belly was having pains.  Oh, I was in pain.  Everyone immediatey urged me to go to the hospital which I did!  James got me there and I was seen ASAP!  I was checked out by an OB_GYN.  The baby's heart was beating just fine.  My belly was tight.  Was it contractions?  Not sure yet.  I was given Demerol for the pain.  My diagnosis was, NOW DON'T LAUGH!  OKAY LAUGH!  I had eaten too many bowls of my mama's infamous butterbeans & corn!  I was stuffed with food and gas!  LOL!  Whew!  My baby was safe!  The family rolled with laughter and I didn't care.  It was funny to me too!  It was the Demerol making me so merry!  We left on our way home to Roanoke Rapids an hour and a half away.  I slept the whole way home.....good Demerol!

Christmas night, we went over to my SIL's house for dinner.  James' parents had given all three of there children the latest new appliance as Christmas presents.  MICROWAVE OVENS!  They were so new on the market, that we were the first in town to have them.  I had planned on waiting until after I had given birth to use mine.  Enough wasn't known about them yet as far as I was concerned for safety.  I had no idea what these new "waves" had in them that might alter my baby's development.  Everyone thought I was silly and over re-acting.  If you have lost a baby, you aren't over re-acting.  What would it hurt to wait and use it a few months later?  During the evening we were all having a good time.  Some of us were gathered in the kitchen to see what we could do to help.  All of a sudden, a DING went off right beside my belly!  I wasn't sure what it was, but soon realized as everyone started laughing, that it was the microwave oven my SIL was using.  I was livid!  They saw me standing there and knew how I felt about microwaves!  No one respected my feelings!  I was so hurt that they were laughing and kidding me as being too careful.  I was worried sick about my baby.  Had harm been done?  I went into another room and cried to myself, walked back out and stayed long enough to be polite.  James defended my concerns even though he felt the microwaves were safe.  Thing was, they were so new, nobody was sure.

My January doctor's appointment came.  Everything was fine as far as the doctor knew.  The baby was growing.  We had no ultrsounds, so never a picture of what was going on inside.  Then the news was blurted out to me.  My doctor was going away for an extened vacation!  He was turning all of his patients over to a local regular MD!  My doctor was the ONLY OB/GYN in town!  I was a high risk pregnancy and was being deserted by my doctor for a regular doctor?  I was in my scary third trimester.  I left his office so let down and not knowing what to do.  More worries.... Will I ever have my Rainbow Baby safely home?


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