Friday, May 3, 2013

You Held Us Through The Day

There are no words to express my sincere thanks to the babyloss family for getting me through yesterday.  James was so touched by your kindness also.  It was the best May 2 we have ever experienced since the death of James Collins, Jr.  We owe it all to you!

Yesterday was cloudy, rainy, and windy.  Ugh!  Our plans for a picnic on the beach and releasing a balloon for our son was not going to work out.  Darkness starting up to hang over the day.... no it didn't stay long at all.  The moment I turned on my computer, all of you were there waiting for us like a surprise birthday party!  There were so many nice words of encouragement to wake up to!  You stayed with me all day long!  You never left me alone to fall and stumble.  Of course I had to show James all of the nice words and pictures, graphics, the sunrise, the tulips, the painting, the poem, name in the sand, two bears on the way, another package on the way, and I just can't put it all down because I would be here all day writing!  I was so impressed that you showed me details of what reminds me of my baby son....kites, blue, yellow, butterflies, dragonflies, the birds singing!  How nice all of you are!  I do think everyone got a kick out of Catherine M's photo's of the LED tea lights in the precious delicate holders she made!  She put the photo's on FB because she was afraid I wouldn't get them on time.  Then James walked in with a package from the UK!  You all followed as I posted each step of "ripping off the paper now," and then exclaiming as I opened each one of the gifts at a time online! It was just so cool opening that package with all of you right there with me!  Thank you Catherine!  You had them delivered right on time!  It was a highlight of the day!  Everyone got to enjoy your gift!  The ironic thing was that Catherine wasn't online herself at that moment to enjoy it with us, but she got to see all of the commotion and comments!

Even though the day was gloomy outside, you kept us warm and fuzzy inside. You wouldn't let us go.  You held us through the day, from the moment of wake up til bedtime.  How can I ever thank you?
For those of you not on Facebook here is a sample of what kept us going....wish I could published all of your comments too!      Go to You Tube and listen to "Precious Child" by Karen Taylor Good for me and for ALL of our babies.  http://youtube/3c_UOctrJDo.  Do it now!!!  HUGS!!!!! 
I wish I could put them all in this blog, but I can't!  I am working on a project to my favorite song in the world, Precious Child, as sung by Karen Taylor Good.  I want to include pictures and graphics there.

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