Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sometimes Just Ask

The anxiety started in April.  May 2 was around the corner.  James Collins, Jr's angelversary.  Knots began turning in my gut.  I became weepy.  I was remembering May 2, 1975 and all of the May 2nd's I had lived through.  Mother's Day would be a week after May 2nd.  I would finish up the month on May 31st with Reita Gale's angelversary.  She was buried on June 3rd.  I was beginning to smell those days of salty tears, sterile hospital delivery rooms, salty tears, and freshly turned dirt.

I decided this year I would take some control in a situation I have never had any control in.  I became proactive.  In all of my life I never thought I would plan an online birthday celebration for my son, but I did.  Check, smart idea!  You carried us by every second of the day.

I also decided to write and email my family asking them to participate in James Collins, Jr and Reita Gale's angelversaries with us.  I told my family what the dates meant to us what made me think of my children, and that I needed them just to write their names on anything and email it to us or mail it.
Would they call me crazy or come through?  I anxiously waited.  I was very nervous.

First, I had a very nice email come to me from one family member.  It was followed by two wonderful photos sent to me via email by another.  It was happening!  They were responding and writing my babies' names down!  Next, I got a messaged a Bible verse and my babies names written!
I received two packages the day before Mother's Day.   One was a copy of two pages from a children's book for my babies.  The other held three paintings which blew me away!  I had forgotten what an artist my sister was!  I have 5 siblings and everyone of them sent me something from their heart.  It means so much to me that they each, in their unique way thought of my James Collins, Jr and my Reita Gale.  I was elated and so very thankful for their remembrances.  My love for them is endless.

Wouldn't you know that I lost one of the pictures sent to me that I downloaded?  It was James Collins name written down and a candle lit glowing by it.  I loved that picture and hope it just pops up from wherever it is hiding!

Here are some of the items my sisters gave me.  My heart is full!

                                      A beautiful cloud with Reita Gale's name pretty in pink!

Pink tulips, a ladybug, and butterflies for Reita Gale
I like the way my sister painted this for Reita Gale and said it was from her Aunt Judy.
It showed me that she thinks of Reita Gale as her niece.
Isn't this painted butterfly just beautiful?
Blue kites flying high in the clouds for James Collins Jr.
The details!  The butterfly looks like he wants to say something!
I still can't believe my sister painted this!  She always has something up her sleeve!
See my daughter's name?
See my son's name?
A beautiful page from a children's book mailed to me by another sister! 

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