Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Heart Goes Out to Newtown, CT

My heart is heavy with grief and horror for those affected by the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I can not go on blogging without mentioning this evil.  This took place last Friday as I was blogging, unaware the unthinkable was happening to these most precious children and adults who took care of them while at school.  As the pictures of these children are put on TV, I look into their innocent eyes and my insides get sick for what happened to them.  Oh the gut wrenching hurt their parents are going through!  I can't begin to imagine!  My son and daughter died of stillbirth quietly in my womb.  I know how bad that hurts.  These children faced a monster!!!  The worse "boogie-man" ever and he was real and killed them.  My Father in Heaven, please receive these children immediately and give them peace!  They were so innocent and never deserved this! Please God, hold on to their parents tightly and love them through this!  I grieve with you, but I again can not begin to understand your horror.

I have been retired from teaching middle school children for 4 years now.  I have been through the frightening drills of "Shooter on Campus!"  I have trained for just this type of event.  Just this drill of lockdown would take a toll.  Trying to explain why we were having these drills and hiding in the classroom without frightening my students was next to impossible.  This was an age group that could put two and two together.  It was imperative to stress upon the students how important it was to be absolutely quiet and to stay hidden in their assigned hiding place.  I always hid them in groups, never alone.  The police would come by our classrooms and shake the doors trying to get in as an intruder would.  This was the part of the drill for the students to practice being their quietest at probably the scariest moment.  The intercom was turned on and we could hear gun shots firing and screaming.  Students were not at school when this part of the drill happened!  I was and in my room alone and scared out of my wits and I knew was just a drill. 

Were the drills and preparation needed? As you can tell by what has happened in Newtown, CT  they were.  Teachers saved lives by knowing what to do.  Do these drills cause our children to lose a bit of innocence?  I believe they do.  Unfortunately, evil lurks around our schools and we have to be prepared.

Tomorrow morning my granddaughter will go to her second grade room.  I will be praying! 

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  1. I've been reading non-stop about this horrible tragedy, reading because I still live in the stone age & don't have cable nor regular TV. I caught some of it today at my stepdads house. When I read it I have to pause & cry. I cannot even begin to fathom what would possess a person to walk into an Elementary school and murder children in cold blood! What has to be going through that persons mind that makes them think it's ok to take away a Childs life! My daughter, Kenadi, is in kindergarten and my son, Gavin is in 2nd grade so they're round these childrens ages. You would think at school they would be safe but as it's turning out, school may not be the best place for safety. And it's because of the craziness that is walking the earth! My heart breaks as I see the pictures of those beautiful babies that were taken in such a brutal way! I pray that they were taken immediately so they felt no pain. And I pray that God holds the hands and hearts of every person having to deal with such a thoughtless, unimaginable tragedy! And may all 20 children and 6 adults be at peace! So sad....