Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank You & Pictures

I am so thankful for my blog readers!  Your comments, emails, twitter messages have meant the world to me.  I feel like someone is actually listening to me after my 37 years of silence.  It is time I get my feelings out and heard.  It is healing and I had no idea that I was still grieving so much inside.  It is like I just have words hurrying to get out so I can rest at last.  My husband, James, is so supportive of each post I write.  It is healing for him also.  It is better late than never!  Can you believe I was only 24 when our son was stillborn and now at age 62 I am just tellling my story?  I know 62 sounds old, but not in today's world.  I feel young.  I love life!  I have a great husband to share  it with and for that I am so very thankful!  I have my two sons, my daughter-in-law, and 3 of the most precious grandchildren you have ever seen!  Lawson is 71/2, Wesley is turning 5 in Jan. and Cailyn is turning 2 in Jan.  I also have my blog & Twitter friends and you mean the world to me.  Thank you all!  I am blessed!

                                   Gale (Grammy) Fittsie with Lawson
                                  Isn't my DIL beautiful as she holds my youngest grandchild, Cailyn?  Love you Maridith!   

                        My Rainbow Babies All Grown Up  Collins (born in 1977) and Taylor (born in 1980)  I Treasure My sons!
James and I with our precious grandchildren last Christmas
                        James with you see the love here??!

                                         James and I Last August
Love, Gale (Fittsie) a mom and Grammy                                                       

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  1. Gale, you have a BEAUTIFUL family! And you have come a long way since the loss of James Jr! You have made an amazing family and you are rising up above the grief, even if it's 37 years later, to show people that they can get through this! You have inspired me to tell my whole story! In one of your blogs you said you didn't know if you were going to keep blogging. I'm asking you to continue. Keep telling your story because people are listening! You are amazing and I feel privileged to know you and honored to read your story! Love and hugs to you!!!