Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Dress Up Foot Stones

Last Saturday morning James and I made the three hour drive to Roanoke Rapids where James Collins, Jr and Reita Gale are buried.  We got everything out of the car to clear the grass away, even though the city does this.  We just like their foot stones trimmed just right.  Next, we got out our tools for cleaning out each individual letter of their names.  We talked as we worked together.  It was a sunny day, but chilly.  I could hardly believe that I had been visiting his grave for 38 years come May 2.  It seems like only yesterday that I would walk to his little grave and just sit by it and talk to him.  Later, after my rainbow arrived, I would stroll him over and put out a blanket and we both would play and talk to him.  When we moved across town, I would drive us.  By then, I had two rainbows.  Then we added our precious little Reita Gale's foot stone.
Today, it was just James and myself and our memories.  We never did find our usual lambs to put on the grave site.  We searched around and found something even better to us!  We found beautiful plaid blue pinwheels and pink plaid pinwheels!  We also found a butterfly and a dragonfly for each grave.  They were beautiful as the wind made them twirl and sing!  We were proud as punch to see those pinwheels going around!  It was like they were singing and cheering the whole place up!  We left satisfied and even though sad, joy was there also.  We both are aware our children aren't there, but we do this to honor their site of burial.  We have the matching pinwheels, butterflies to put in yellow sunny sand buckets to view as the ocean winds stir them at home with us.  We fill peaceful. 

Thank you Shauna, from over at Pinwheels From Heaven, for inspiring us!

Dressing up their footstones makes me feel that I am doing something for each child.
James does most of the work, bless him!
Reita Gale Fitts   May 31, 1982 - May 31, 1982
James Collins Fitts, Jr    May 2, 1975 - May 2, 1975
We didn't want to leave them.  It was hard.


  1. So touching Gale. ♥ And don't worry... I think you have not left them, they are both watching over you and your family. (hugs)

  2. SO touching, your love for them shines!

  3. They are forever our children. I love the pinwheels and dragonflies. What a perfect way to honor them.