Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do You Ever Wonder What Your Baby In Heaven Looks Like?

Well, I do.  It used to bother me a lot during those first years.  It bothered me even more when I was given an invitation by a kind friend whose son was graduating from high school the same year my son would be graduating.  They would have been in the same class all of those years together.  As I saw her son grow and change, I always wondered if my son was growing and changing in Heaven.
I couldn't imagine James Collins, Jr being any way but a baby as I had last seen him.  It was weird to be thinking this as all of what would have been his friends were putting on caps and gowns.  I was still stuck back in babyland, and I still am to this very day.

My minister came over to my home to talk to me about it.  All he could tell me was what I already could figure out for myself.  His body was gone.  That much I was sure of.  But did he get a Heavenly baby body when he arrived there like a reconizable spiritual body?  Does God age?  I have always thought God was an old wise spiritual figure.  The Bible does say we will recognize our love ones when we get to Heaven.  Will my son and my daughter know I am their mother?  Will I still be their mother once I get to Heaven?  A man and a woman in their marriage vows say to each other as the Bible instructs, "until death us do part."  That is scarey.  Why?  Because will we  still be James Collins' and Reita Gale's mother and father?  Or will our children just know and recognize us as the parents they would have had on earth?

So many questions!!!  Can anyone comment with their 2 cents worth?  I hope so!  I'm stuck!


  1. Hi Gale, this is Becky from the blog fortheloveofbabyliam. I emailed you back after you gave me your email on a comment you left on my blog. Maybe it went to your spam. Anyway I sent you another one since it seems you never got it. My email can be found on the side of my blog, otherwise it is
    I cna't wait to see Evelynn's balloon:)

  2. I love the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn Yes it is HUGE but is has a question and answer section in the back that answers just about EVERY question you could think of. It it very biblical and even used as a text book in seminary. For what I have read and just my personal belief is that there will be babies and children of all ages in Heaven...I mean would Heaven really be heaven without the delight of children? I have always pictured Jonathan as a toddler but my husband has dreamed of him as a little boy about 5. I am sure the moment we enter Heaven he will be waiting for us with outstretch arms and we will know him instantly I believe he will still be little and we will have the delight, no reward of a child in Heaven:) Another really sweet book is "Is Heaven for Real" also the child's version of the book is AMAZING and the pictures are so sweet they will warm your heart. I believe the book "Safe in the arms of God" also address this question. I think ultimately we will be so DELIGHTFULLY surprised by what is in store for us concerning our babies remember... "no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived" -- the things God has prepared for those who love him--1 Corinthians 2:9

  3. Tesha, I was so hoping you would reply! I really wanted to know your thoughts as well as your husbands. Thanks! I will definitely check out your books above. I have already read, "Is Heaven For Real?" That book affected my thoughts as well as my sweet husband's, James. You are such a gift to the babyloss world. I just hang on your words. :)
    Thank your for always bringing scripture to life when you have something to say.
    Love you sweet Tesha! Hugs,