Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mother's Day Bouquet of Balloons Event

I am hosting a Mother's Day Bouquet of Balloons this year! I want to put a dozen balloons in each bouquet! Help me make MANY bouquets up to release this Mother's Day! Here is how! Just go to my Facebook page, Fittsie's Angel Balloons, find my Mother's Day post, comment under the post the name of your precious angel baby and angel birthday, LIKE the post, and finally SHARE the post! Like and Share are right beside where it says Comment. IF, you aren't on Facebook, go to my page anyway and find near the top, under my Timeline Picture where it says, Message, and you can message me. Sorry, but I am not taking requests from this blog:) Come sign up and help me fill the Carolina blue skies with bouquets of balloons as my Mother's Day gift to YOU and also to remember your precious angel that made you a mother.

Many hugs to all of you this Mother's Day.

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