Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sign Up For Angel Birthday Balloon Release & Personalized Picture

So many mothers of babyloss have been very kind to me in various ways.  One way that has impressed me the most is that you have shown me that age makes no difference when it comes to offering support and kindness.  The only qualification is to be a member of the club none of us ever wanted to belong to, the babyloss club.  Unfortunately, there is no way out of the club.  Babyloss is forever and ever.  The support, kindness, listening ears are also for the long run. I want to give back, although I know it is not necessary.  It is necessary for me. I want to do this not only to remember and honor your angel babies, but for my own two stillborn children, my firstborn son, James Collins Fitts, Jr. & my only daughter, Reita Gale Fitts.   I will be giving a free balloon for each baby's angel birthday and releasing it over the Atlantic Ocean off of the east coast of North Carolina, USA.  If you want your angel baby's birthday remembered with a helium balloon decorated with your input, just sign your baby's name up on this blog post by leaving a comment with your baby's name, birthday, color of balloon you want, any short message you want.  I will also add decorations to the balloons if you wish like stickers appropriate for your child's gender and age.  Of course a Happy Birthday sticker will be included.  I will do a release from my dock on the day of your child's birthday which will go over the ocean or if you choose I will do a beach release of all balloons on the first Monday of each month.  Let me know if you want your child's balloon in the beach release or dock release.  Pictures will be made of both.  I will do a blog each month dedicated to that month's releases.  I will also send you a free personalized picture of your baby's balloon if you send  your email address to mine which is  Remember that every baby counts!  Every baby matters!  (I will do a special release soon from the beach for January babies & February babies that the birthday dates have already past by for this year)  Biodegradable balloons used and no strings attached.....crepe paper instead!

Hugs & Love,


  1. Gale, What a thoughtful and beautiful idea. I'd love to sign up Gabriel. His 1 year birthday is July 19th. No decorations needed, just "Happy Birthday Gabriel" and any color balloon is fine.

    Also, I was wondering if it would be okay to write about your blog on mine and share it with others?

    1. Catherine, of course it will be okay for you to share my blog with others. I would be honored! Thank you! Gabriel is down in my book for July 19th. Please accept my deepest sympathy as I know this has been a very difficult time for you. I am looking forward to making Gabriel's balloon and will send you pictures if you send me your email address. Mine is


    2. Hi Gale,
      My email is <3
      Thank you again!

      Oh, and I wrote about your blog: you might receive a few more balloon requests.


    3. Thank you Catherine so much! I have had request from your site! :) xx Gale

  2. Hi,
    I am so sorry you had to experience this painful loss so many of us have to endure on a daily basis.
    You are so kind to offer to release balloons for our Angel babies <3
    I would love to see one go up for my baby boy ...
    His name is Shane Robert Langley Jr. (Shane Jr. for short would be fine). We lost him on 08.01.2005 at 16 weeks gestation. Baby blue balloon with a Monarch Butterfly on it if possible is what I would love to see. Monarchs are very significant to us as I believe Jr. made contact with me through one <3 The message I would love to see on a balloon would be "Fly Free Our Angelic Butterfly". You can release off your dock on his Angelversary/Birthday. I would love to see pictures and will be emailing you shortly.

    Thank You so much <3

  3. Gale,

    This is such a beautiful way to honor and remember your angel babies James & Reita! <3

    I have 2 angel babies I would love to have balloons released for:

    Janessa -- Pink balloon-- it is her 3rd Angel Birthday, March 9, 2010

    Write Precious Angel--Happy 3rd Angel Birthday--butterfly stickers on it.

    Hope Abigail--Yellow Balloon--it is her 2nd Angel Birthday, May 7th, 2011
    Write on balloon: Our beautiful Princess, Happy 2nd Angel Birthday-heart stickers or lady bug stickers.

    I'd love pictures of a beach release--I will email you.


    Shauna Cox

    1. On my calendar! I can't wait to make your special ballons for you!

  4. Gale,
    Thank you so very much for the offer!
    I would love to have a balloon released for my daughter Tossie. Her birthday is Sept 10th and this year she would be 1!
    What ever color is fine and which location you chose will be fine!

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Tossie is on my list. I prefer ocean releases when the weather is good b/c I like to photograph them by the sea.
      Providing no hurricanes, it will be a perfect release! Hugs & love xx Gale

  5. I love this, Gale <3.

    Please send Samuel Evan a birthday balloon on April 14th. He will be 1! A green or blue balloon would be great. If you have a bunny sticker, I would love that. Thank you so much!!

    1. Samuel is on my list. I will make sure it has a bunny sticker and your choice of color. I put a picture of a truck on a baby boy's balloon recently b/c of your post about wanted cars and a truck for Samuel. See how Samuel inspires me? Hugs for you my friend! xx

  6. RaeAnne, Samuel's name is on my list.

  7. Hi Gale,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You have helped me appreciate all the love and support I have received from my family and friends even more. I can't imagine going through the loss of my children without the love from my family. My Grandma lost a baby boy over 40 years ago and it breaks my heart that she went through it alone. Nobody ever talked about it, or him. All the children we have lost deserve to be recognized and remembered.

    I think it is a beautiful thing you are doing with the balloon release. My son's birthday is October 5, 2012. Any color of balloon will be wonderful and "Happy Birthday Maddox, we love you." Will be great. My email is Thank you so much!

    Thank you for sharing your story.


  8. Tasha, I have Maddox on my October list. It is my honor to make a perfect birthday balloon for him. You can see examples of my balloons on my FB page (Gale Fitts) while my balloon page is under construction! If you have any info on your Grandma's baby I would be thrilled to make a balloon in memory for her baby. So sorry for your loss. Hugs xx Gale

  9. Gale, you are making me very proud of you! As I've always said, you are the epitome of strength and bravery! A true testament that no matter how much time passes by, we will ALWAYS remember our angels! And that it's never too late to start healing and find support! I love you, Gale!!!

  10. Thank you so much Toni! You are so right, it is never to late to start healing and finding support! Love you too! Hugs!

  11. Hi Gale,
    Your idea is very fine.
    I think it is a beautiful thing you are doing with the balloon release.
    This is such a beautiful way to honor and remember your angel babies James & Reita!