Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Delirlously Happy Being Pregnant!!!


Pregnancy totally agreed with me!  This was such an exciting time and I enjoyed every second of it.  I guess it was because this was a gift I thought I would never actually get to experience.  So I soaked it all up, even the three times I actually threw up!  I remember calling James up at work to report that I had indeed thrown up!  He was excited as I was!  We were crazy in love with the whole experience and shared it with anyone who would listen!  We were young, in love, and having a baby!  I bought every book I could get my hands on about being pregnant.  My sister, Sylvia, sent me her library of books to read.  She was so excited for me because she had difficulty getting pregnant also.  We were the only two girls out of the five girls in my family that had difficulty getting pregnant at this point.  She ended up with her daughter and son born healthy, thanks be to God.  Now let me say that this was our first baby, but mama already had six grandchildren by this time and James' mother had two grandchildren, so they were old hat at this.  Nothing old hat about this for me!  Each day was a gift of happiness, joy, and discovery as my body changed.

 I was teaching first grade at this time.  My students were excited as were their parents.  One student I especially remember was Scott Cranford.  One day I was reaching up to put something on a bulletin board when he rushed to my side telling me not to do that in case it might hurt the baby.  He did it for me.  What a thoughtful young boy!  Of course I told his mom!  The teachers, principal, Charles Ward, and parents were all experiencing this pregnancy with me and it was just delightful!  Another day, when I was really getting big, I was teaching reading in small groups of about six students.  I had my book resting on my belly, when out of the blue the baby gave a really big kick sending my book flying!  We all burst out laughing  realizing this little baby had become a strong baby!  Of course we had to discuss how he might grow up to become a kicker playing football.  Recall with me that this was the 1970's era and soccer was not in the picture yet.  The students reported my progress to their parents each night.  Also, students had a 15/20 minute recess each morning while teachers met in the lounge to have a snack and talk.  Of course most of the talk centered around how I looked, what I ate, my now waddling.  I was now having nose bleeds, which the doctor said was normal, but that too had to be discussed. 

Time was drawing near.  I planned on not coming back to teach after the Easter holidays since my baby was due in early May.  Students loved drawing pictures of me!  They were hilarious and I loved them.  One drawing by Linc Lyles had me fully dressed in one of my favorite maternity outfits with a fully dressed baby inside of my tummy with a hair bow on its head!  I still have that drawing.  Baby showers had begun in March of 1975.  Teachers, friends, and of course my dear students gave me some pretty big elaborate baby showers.  I was loaded with everything baby Fitts would need.  Of course with the showers came advice.  Sara Branch told me how she put everything Johnson & Johnson had ever made all over her daughter, Sallie which was in my class.  She advised me not to do the same.  They way she described what Sallie looked liked all oiled and powdered up was funny!  I  decided to follow her advice.  The last day of school for Easter Break came.  The teachers gave me a sterling silver baby spoon that day which made me cry and of course then my nose started bleeding all over the cute little bootie cupcakes!  My grandchildren use that spoon when they come visit me to this very day.  I have never loved teaching as I did at that small town school under the direction of Charles Ward.  I have never loved a group of students as I did those students at Akers School and of the great great support of the parents.  Our small group of teachers were like family and I truly love them all and miss those who have passed on.  I thank God for that wonderful year of being pregnant around such caring people.  However, there is one thing that haunted me for a long time.  A few teachers would say this to me, "Gale, don't count your chickens before they are hatched.  This baby isn't here yet."  What are earth would possess them to say this?  They must be crazy!  I am healthy and so is my baby!  That was what I thought.....

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