Monday, September 30, 2013

Tasting Heaven

Pure bliss and peace are what I experienced yesterday at sunrise while on the beach at Ocracoke Island.   I was the only person on this wide beach full of white sand and ocean waves washing up!  I could look as far my eyes could see to experience a oneness with nature, God's beauty.  Ocracoke is just about as far as one can go on the Outer Banks of NC, getting there by a 3 hour ferry ride from where I live.  I was overwhelmed with it all, but drank in the two hours I was alone there. 

It was still dark as I rode down the sandy beach road.  Once I arrived, I turned the headlights off the Jeep.  Daybreak was knocking on the horizon.  I took off my flip flops and let my feet sink in the cool morning sand.  I got my camera out of its bag and started shooting.  I felt the spirits of  my angels with me.  I started writing their names in the sand.  I drew hearts.  I started thinking of my children gone too soon as not only individuals, but as my "Fittsie's Angels."  I wrote Fittsie's Angels in the sand.  It felt good because it covered all three of my angels, James Collins, Jr., Abba Gale and Reita Gale.  Not many know about Abba Gale, Reita Gale's twin that I miscarried.  I felt such a release as I wrote her name finally giving her spirit the recognition deserved.  If you haven't read, Heaven Is For Real, then you are missing out!  It is a short read, but will change you.

Way too soon, I realized that I was getting tired!  I found a new respect for those who write our angels names in the sand.  My back started letting me know it was time to go.  Sadly, I left the beach.
I have the memories of yesterday morning to carry with me forever.  I'm peaceful.  Isn't it ironic how I left the motel and drove in the darkness toward the beach.  A few minutes after arriving, daybreak broke out complete peace for me.  God works in His own way and perfect timing!

I am Gale Fitts or Fittsie.  These are pictures of my morning with my angels, my Fittsie's Angels!





                                                               My Angels!

                                     May you all feel the peace I felt yesterday morning <3


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