Monday, November 3, 2014

May Babies

Last week I was in a restaurant eating lunch.  A family came and sat at the table beside me.  I did noticed the cutest little baby girl in her infant seat  with them while I was eating .  This situation has happened SO many times through the years and I was very pleased to see this cooing infant.  After I had finished eating, I was enjoying a hot cuppa tea.  My attention went back to the cute baby.  Her piercing blue eyes were fixed on me.  I responded by saying "hello" in a baby voice to her.  She laughed and cooed and we were instant friends.  While our play session was going on, I was stunned by a pang in my heart.  I just knew she was a May baby.  I carefully asked her mother when she was born and the answer was May.  I froze.  I was having the chance to play with a May baby.  I had two stillborn babies each one occurring in the month of May (1975 & 1982).  What an unexpected pleasure this opportunity was for me to see how it would have been for me.  Some mothers wouldn't have seen it as I did.  They would have been upset.  I guess years back I would have been sad too.  Forty plus years out I saw it as a blessing.

Later that afternoon, I was grocery shopping when it dawned on me that my very own granddaughter was born in May.  We have always been very close.  I thought it was just because she was my first grandchild and that we always enjoy each other so much.  I love all of my grandchildren with a very deep love, but deep inside of me could our special connection be because I view her as my May baby?   Wouldn't I have loved her just the same?  I like to think so.  However, her May birthday allows me to see the milestones in her that my own children would have had at her age.  I see that as just one more blessing God has given me.

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